About Us

Made by Hand, Made from the Heart


Welcome to Talent Treasury!

We are a young not-for-profit organisation working with individuals from highly marginalized circumstances striving towards economic and social rehabilitation. We identify, train and showcase creative outputs of people who have overcome or continue to fight several mental, physical and structural challenges that befall them.


We (Aditya and Anush) are engineering graduates with work experience in renewable energy and supply chain management. We were drawn to the social sector by friends and family members engaged in various causes such as poverty alleviation, mental health care, skills development, animal rights and so on. After working as volunteers in non-governmental organisations over 3 years we decided to take the plunge full-time in the social sector by offering our expertise in developing sustainable economic models for NGOs through skills training and vocational development.


Join us on this journey. There are so many things you can do to help! Offer any skills training expertise you may have! Place an order for one (OR MANY!) of our products! Tell your friends about us and our partners!  We can also organise a visit for you to our partner NGOs so you can see first-hand the spectacular work done by residents and their never-say-die spirit! Get in touch! We would like to have you with us very soon!









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